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Задача 795: Paul Raican - Fairy (Einstein chess)
paul.raican(31.12.2016) Феерична доказателствена задача с Айнщайн шах от Пол Райкан.
1.g4 h5 2.g5 h4 3.g6 Rh5=B 4.gxf7=S Bxf7=R 5.Bh3=S Rxf2=Q+
6.Sxf2=B h3 7.Bxa7=R b6 8.Rxc7=Q Ba6=S 9.Qf4=R Sc7=P
10.Rf1=B Sa6=P 11.Sf3=P Rc8=B
Bf1 circuit, impostors: Bc8, Pa6, c7, f3. (Author)
Einstein chess: every time a piece moves (without capturing), it "loses energy" and transforms itself ("is demoted") into a smaller unit, one step down the ladder from Queen to Rook to Bishop to Knight to Pawn. Every time a piece captures, it gains energy and transforms itself ("is promoted") into the next bigger unit. Kings do not transform. A capturing Queen-move or a non-capturing   Pawn-move does not lead to any transformation.There are no promotions. So that you can have pawns on the 8-th rank (where they are stuck). You can also have pawns on the 1st-rank (after a non-capturing Knight move): these pawns can make a single, double or triple step forward. After a double or triple step,   they can be captured en-passant by an enemy pawn on the 3rd or 4th rank. After a triple step, en-passant capture can take place on two different squares! 

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