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Задача 665: Franz Pachl & Michael Barth - Fairy (Anti Circe, Nightrider, Zebrarider, Fersrider)
franz.pachlmichael.barth(21.12.2015) Отлична феерична задача от немският тандем! Добре дошъл на Michael Barth!
a) 1.Rh1-c1 Kd6-c7 2.nNe3-d1 nFRe2xd1(nFRd1-d8)#
b) 1.Rh1-d1 Kd6-d5 2.nFRe2-b5 nZRd2xb5(nZRb5-b8)#
c) 1.Rh1-e1 Kd6-e6 2.nZRd2-f5 nNe3xf5(nNf5-f8)#
Neutral cycle N – FR – ZR. The white king blocks and is not in check because the repulse square of the neutral piece is occupied. (You must add bRa6 and bPa7, if you use Anticirce Calvet. That's why we prefer the Type Cheylan.) (Authors)
Fersrider:Moves like normal Bishop, reborns like fairy piece.
Nightrider:a rider moving along any straight line of S moves.
Zebrarider: a rider along any straight line of Zebra moves (2,3) leaper
AntiCirceCheylan: After a capture the capturing piece (Ks included) must immediately be removed to its game array square (necessarily vacant, else the capture is illegal). Captures on the rebirth square are NOT allowed.

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