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Класиране на Julia’s Fairies Marine TT – 2013

mar0(22.12.2013) Класирането на тематичният турнир за "Морски фигури" организиран от сайта Julia’s Fairies е вече готово! Тук може да видите задачите победители на трите раздела заедно с коментара на съдията на турнира гм Петко Петков, както и директен линк към пълното класиране, публикувано в сайта на Юлия.





Section H# (H=, H==)                       Section HS# (HS=, HS==)

mar1     mar2

Georgy Evseev & Lev Grolman (Russia) - A unique task problem! I congratulate the authors on their highest creative achievement! Two echo-finales are obtained with a pin of 6 (!!) pieces (the black Q + 5 neutrals), while the neutral pins are in reciprocal cycle: Nereid -> Charybdis -> Triton -> Scylla -> Nereid! Of course, the play here is not 100% identical in the strategic attitude: in the first solution the final is a beautiful tempo-move of the white King, but in the second the white King takes over from the black Q in capturing a SK. 
On this occasion I want to say that a judge should not be fanatical about aesthetics: it is always necessary to apply a high aesthetic criteria, but without forgetting that there are still some limits in human and chess possibilities. Escaping this boundary is unrealistic fantasy. 

a) 1.Qe3xd4 nTRd3-e3 2.nNDh7-d3 nCYd6-f5 3.nSKd7-e5 nSKg1-f3+ 4.Kf4-e4 Ka5-a6= 
b) 1.nTRd3-d2 nNDh7-c2 2.Qe3-c3 nCYd6-e4 3.Kf4-e3 nSKg1-e2+ 4.Ke3-d3 Kd8xd7=

Mario Parrinello (Italy) - in the beginning the white battery POd5/MPf3 fires. Moves of the white POd5 three times create new batteries of type PO/NE. The mates are very beautiful – the black SI occupies places vacated by the white PO – the Umnov theme in combination with specific blocks of the squares. Sharp, very interesting play with cross checks! An excellent problem by the Italian maestro!

I. 1.NDf4 SIf6 2.POd6+ POe5+ 3.POd7+ SId6#

II. 1.NDe3 SIc7 2.POc5+ POd4+ 3.POb5+ SIxc6-c5#

III. 1.NDc4 SId7+ 2.POe6+ POd5+ 3.POf7+ SIe6#

Section Series problems


Sven Trommler (Germany) - A beautiful Meredith-problem! Annihilation of the white pawns f6/e4 is realized in a very interesting way – with distant blocks of the squares g7/e3, but after that also with blocks of squares g5/f4 respectively. The black King vacates square е5 for its TR and ND. A new annihilation – this time of the black TRe5/NDe5, occurs on the mating moves! I believe it’s possible to tell that we have a special form of “Novotny” with sacrifices of the black TR/ND on square е5!

I. 1.TRe1-e3 2.Ke5xe4 3.NDh8xf6-e5 4.TRe3-f3 5.TRf3-f4 NDd4xe5-f6#
II. 1.NDh8-g7 2.Ke5xf6 3.TRe1xe4-e5 4.NDg7-h6 5.NDh6-g5 TRe8xe5-e4#

Пълното класиране на турнира може да видите на следния директен линк:



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