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Problem 1033: Franz Pachl - Fairy (neutral Zebra, Grassopper)
franz.pachl(08.02.2020) New fantastic fairy original by Franz Pachl!








1033. Franz Pachl (Germany)
HS#2.5      2 sol.      (7+8+3)
e6: Neutral Zebra c2: Neutral Pawn d4: Neutral Grassopper
1...nPc1nG 2.h8Z nGc4 3.Zxe6(+nZe1)+ nZxc4(+nGc8)#
1...nPc1nZ 2.h8G nZa4 3.Gxd4(+nGd1)+ nGxa4(+nZa8)#
Neutral piece (n): A unit with this characteristic may be regarded as of either colour by the side whose turn it is to play. Neutral pawns promote to neutral pieces.
Zebra (Z): a (2,3/3,2) leaper [moving directly to the destination square with no pinning or interference effects], e.g. a1>d3 or a1>c4.
Grasshopper (G): Hops on Q-lines over any one unit (the hurdle) to the next square beyond. Q-hopper would be a more sensible name.


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