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Krassimir Gandev 70 JT 2016 Award
kgandev70(02.05.2016) One of the best bulgarian composer of all time - IM Krassimir Gandev celebrated his 70th Anniversary a month ago. Now you can see here the Award of his Jubilee tourney 2016. The level is very high and the judge Gandev said that preparing this award was the most difficult in his practice! 
69 entries in total. In this article you will see top 4 Prizes in both sections and the full award is included in the link bellow. The judge decide to not include comments on most problems, because he think that the excellent thematic complexes speak enough itself.

Krassimir Gandev 70 JT 2016 Award

Section A 

Participants: Dieter Mueller, Franz Pachl, Juraj Lorinc, Pierre Tritten, Stephan Dietrich, Rainer Kuhn, Linden Lyons, Ralf Kraetschmer, Kenneth Solja, Harald Grubert, Michal Dragoun, Ladislav Salai jr., Themis Argirakopoulos, Gani Ganapathi, Sebastien Luce, Semion Shifrin, Maryan Kerhuel, Jaroslav Stun, Mario Parrinello, Julia Vysotska
Countries: Germany, Slovakia, France, Australia, Finland, Czech Republic, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Latvia
Entries: 52
First 4 Prize winners
 Soon after the award was published the authors of Section A 3rd Prizewinner sent an inproved version of their problem (because in the original problem the wBf6 has no active function after change of its colour in 1.Bf6 solution). Here is the improved version:
Michal Dragoun (Czechia) &
Ladislav Salai jr. (Slovakia)
Krassimir Gandev 70 JT 2016
Section A - 3rd Prize (Version)
H#2       4 sol.      (4+12)
c4, e3: Andernach Leo
1.Kc5 ALh6 2.Kb5 ALxe2(wSd3)#
1.Ke4 LEc2+ 2.Kf3 ALxa3(wSd3)#
1.Re6 ALxf7(wRe6) 2.Sf2+ ALxg1(wSf2)#
1.Be7 ALxe8(wBe7) 2.Sb4 ALxa4(wSb4)#

Krassimir Gandev 70 JT 2016 Award

Section B


Participants: Franz Pachl, Petko Petkov, Karol Mlynka, Ladislav Salai jr, Michal Dragoun, Dieter Mueller, Ralf Kraetschmer, Kenneth Solja
Countries: Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Finland
Entries: 17

First 4 Prize winners 





To see the full AWARD - click HERE.


+1 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2016-05-02 16:57
Very nice problems showing refreshing ideas. Will need to look at each of them in detail to appreciate them more. Thanks composers and Mr.Gandev.

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