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KoBulChess Selfmates 2012 Award

logo(19.11.2014) Here is the Award of KoBulChess Selfmates 2012. This was the first year when the website started its Informal tourneys so the entries was not so many, but I hope you will enjoy the selection of the judge. The award is open for one month period for contestations. The editors of the website thank IGM Petko Petkov for his excellent job.


KoBulChess Selfmates 2012 Award

Judge: IGM Petko Petkov (International Judge of FIDE)



Total 9 problems from 5 authors were presented in this tournament: n.8, n.9, n.33, n.34, n.46, n.47, n.63, n.78, n.99. The level of competition is quite modest in quantitative and qualitative terms, but this is a situation that exists in our days in many competitions for S#. This genre is experiencing a deep crisis!

Some remarks:

-n.33: Heavy construction and weak first move.

-n.34: Quite technical play without interesting moments.

-n.47: This style is already well known from hundreds problems of Sergey Smotrov.

-n.63: Banal mates with the black Rook, at that - both from the square h5.One another minus is the virtual (fictitious) threat.

-n.78: This simple mechanism with Rook`s mates has many predecessors.



Prize: Diyan Kostadinov 

An interesting play of the two white batteries, although the key-move is not particularly successful. 

1.Bg6? 1…g1S!, 1.Bg8? 1…g1B!


1…g1S 2.Qa1+! (Sa4+?) Kc4 3.Sd4+ e6 4.Qa4+! (Qa2+?) Kc3 5.Se2+ Sxe2#

1…g1B 2.Sa4+! (Qa1+?) Kd3 3.Re5+ f5 4.Sb2+! (Sac5+?) Kc3 5.Re3+ Bxe3#

Hon.Mention: Zoran Gavrilovski   

Two Bivalve - variations but in my view this content, although nice, is not enough for a prize.

   1.Rdh7! (2.Sd7+ Kg6 3.Bxe4+ Qxe4#)

1...f3 2.Rh6+ Kg5 3.Be3+ Bxe3#, 1...g2 2.Bxh4+ Rxh4 3.Qb6+ Bxb6#

Commendation: Josef Holubec

Surprising mates, but the black play looks very schematic.

   a)1.Qc4+Ka3 2.Kd3 e4+ 3.Kc2 e3(e5) 4.Kb1 e5(e3) 5.Ka1 e4 6.Bh6 b3 

7.Ra2+ bxa2 8.Qc3+ Bxc3#

   b)1.Rb2+Ka3 2.Rd2+ Kb3 3.Rd1 Ka2 4.Qa1+ Kb3 5.Kd3 e4+ 6.Kd2 e5 

7.Qc1 Ka2 8.Kc2 b3# 



+3 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2014-11-21 18:50
Congrats Diyan on winning yet another prize with a nice problem !
+2 #2 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-11-21 21:58
Thanks Ram. The judge Petko Petkov is ready also with the award of selfmates 2013, so it will be published soon too.

By the way the 2012 tourneys are with not so many entries because it was the first year (and not complete - started since May) for the website with Informal tourneys.
But I am very happy that year after year all new tourneys become more strong and popular, so I am so thankful to all participant composers!

I remind composers that they can send their originals to both editors of the site:

- Seetharaman Kalyan is the editor of sections #2, #3 and H#. His email is:
- I am the editor of sections S# and Fairies. My email is:

Your new originals and comments are always welcomed!
+1 #3 Viktoras 2014-11-23 23:13
Congratulations, Diyan! What about other sections of the 2012 tourneys? Will the award of helpmates 2012 be published?
0 #4 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-11-25 11:15
Hi Viktoras. All awards of KoBulChess 2012 tourneys are published except of Helpmates. I waiting the judge Zoran Gavrilovski.

December will be published awards of H#n 2013 and S# 2013.

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