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KoBulChess Threemovers 2013 - AWARD

logo(11.03.2014) Here is the Award of KoBulChess Threemovers 2013! Many thanks to the judge Yakov Rossomakho for his quick and excellent job! The Award is open for claims for 30 days period after the publication and will become final after that.


KoBulChess  Threemovers 201


13 originals by 6 authors were published in 2013. Unfortunately I didn't saw strong enough problems for 1st and 2nd prizes so the award started from the 3rd prize.

The ranking is as follow:


   3rd Prize: Leonid Makaronez

After 1.fxg6! surprisingly appearing zugzvang, where the white R battery play four times. 1...S~ 2.Sc3+ dxc3 3.Qхd3#, 2...Ke3 3.Qe2#, 1...Sd2 (Bd2) 2.Qc5! (3.R~#), 2.dxc5 3.Rxc5#. This is the most interesting variant. “Almost” three moves form of Goethart theme with direct unpins by white of the closed black piece. Unfortunately the white continuations after 1…Sd2 and 1…Bd2 are not differentiated.
1...Bf4 2.Sc5+ dxc5 3.Rxc5#, 1...Bxg5(fxg5) 2.Rxg5+ d5 3.Bxd5#, 1...f5 2.Rxd6+ Ke5 3.Qc5#, 1…Be3 2.Sb2! ~ 3.Qxd3#

   1st Honorable mention: Zivko Janevski        
1.Bc4! (2.Sa5+ Kc5 3.Rb5#), 1...R~ 2.Qg6+ Rd6 3.d8S#,1...Rxd7 2.Qe8 ~ 3.Rg6#,
1...Re6 (Rf6) 2.d8S+ Kd6 3.Qd1#, 1...Rd1+ 2.Qxd1 and unfortunately with dual on the third move. Black correction.


   2nd Honorable mention: Zoltan Labai
    1...Sh3 2.g4+ Kh4 3.Sg6# (M) 

1.Se6! [2.g6+ Kh6 (h4) 3.Qg5# (M)],

1...Se3 2.Sg7+ Kh4 3.g3# (M), 1...Kh4 2.g6 Bxh2 3.Qg5# (M),

1...Se4 (h3) 2.Qh7+ Kg4 3.Qh3#.  Meredith with five model mates, including set play. But all mates are with black King on “h” line. I think with this white material the result is not so impressive.

   3rd Honorable mention: Islam Kazimov, Vidadi  Zamanov
1.Rh5! (2.Qxd5+ Kxd5 3.Se6#, 2...Ke3 3.Qe4#), 1...Se3 2.Qe4+ dxe4 3.Se6#
Two square vacation sacrifices by the white Queen. Also 1...с3 2.Bа5+ Кхс5 3.Se4# and play of the Rook in 1...Sh4 2.Rxh4 (
3.Rxf4#), 2...dxc5 3.Bc3#.

1.Kf6? (2.Qf6+ Ke3 3.Re7#), 1...Sh4+ 2.Rxh4 (3.Rxf4#), 2...dxc5 3.Bc3#, 1...c3!

The weakness is that the white Knight h3 is not used well, protect one square and is used only in the threat.  

   Commendations (an equal)


   Com: Nikolay Dimitrov

1.Qh1! (2.Bxd6+ ~ 3.Qh6#) 1...cxb6 2.Sxb6 ~ 3.Sd7#, 2...Sc5 3.Bxd6#, 1...Bxh1 2.Se7 ~ 3.Seg6#, 1...f4 2.Qxe4 d5 3.Qe8#. Difficult for solving and beautiful key with wQ sacrifice.
   Com: Nikolay Dimitrov

1.e7! [2.e8Q (3.Qc8#), 2…Bg4 3.Ra3#] 1...Rxh2 2.e8S (3.Sc7#), 2...Rc2 3.Ra3# (2.e8Q? Qh3!). 1.Rc3? (2.Rc7 ~ 3.Ra7#), 1…Bxh2! Nice realization of black Bristol theme on the first move and interference of piece on the second move, but in one variation only. 

Judge: Yakov Rossomakho - International Judge of FIDE 



+3 #1 Kenneth Solja 2014-03-11 16:21
Shouldn't the 3rd Prize be only Prize because it is only of it's kind
Somehow I feel funny if award starts from 3rd prize
+2 #2 Kjell Widlert 2014-03-11 23:29
Interesting question.

Awards are at the same time relative (how good is this problem compared to others in the same tourney?) and absolute (how good is this problem related to some universal standard or at least related to everything else that has ever been composed).

Most judges take the level of the distinction (Prize, HM or Comm.) to indicate the "absolute" value of the problem, and the number of the distinction (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc) to indicate the relative value within that level. But even this is not always true, as a Prize in a small tourney is often comparable to an HM or even a Comm. in one of the great tourneys. And sometimes there are actual prizes that should be given to the 3 or so best entries, regardless of their absolute value.
+3 #3 Kjell Widlert 2014-03-11 23:30
This all means that there is no universally agreed rule about how the distinctions should be numbered. But I, personally, would have given just a Prize in a case like this - and if I thought the problem was not on a "1st Prize level" I would have indicated so in my comment.
+1 #4 seetharaman 2014-03-12 07:20
I agree with Kenneth's view. It indeed funny when the award starts with 3rd Prize with no first or second prize. It seems that Kjell's suggestion to indicate judge's view in the comments, is the best method.

About the Prizewinner: The variation 1...Sc2 2.Qc5 shows the Gamage unpin (not Goethart). See my 3rd HM. The Problemist, 2011 which shows FOUR such Gamage unpins.
5k26RK1p6bB1pppp11r6Q. #3 1. Ra7!

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