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KoBulChess Threemovers 2012 AWARD


(03.04.2013) Here is the award of KoBulChess Threemovers section 2012. I thank all participants and the judge of the first Threemovers Informal Tourney of the site.

KoBulChess Threemovers 2012


   Eight problems by three authors from Bulgaria, India and Macedonia were published in KoBulChess 2012 - a fact proving not a crisis of the genre, but a crisis of overproduction of chess problems magazines and tourneys. Perhaps it makes sense to move to a two-year competition to recruit a sufficient number of compositions.

   Alas, even this modest competition suffered significant losses. Cyclic Zilahi with square vacation after sacrifices in n.75 (Seetharaman) is realized no less than 30 (!) times. That's probably the best example: E.Visserman, Probleemblad, 1973, 3rd H.M., Kg7 Rd3 Re6 Be2 Bf6 Sg5 Sh4 – Kf4 Ra6 Rg1 Ba7 Bb3 Sa5 PPd6 d5 f2 g4 h7, #3, 1.Kh6!

   The combination of critical moves by the black Rook and Bishop and their subsequent overlap in n.60 (Dimitrov) is as old as the world, to bring it into a more complex form here: V.Shif, Moscow competition, 1936, I Pr., Kh6 Qd1 Rc5 Bc6 Bc5 Sb5 Sf2 PPa4 f6 g5 h3 - Ke6 Ra3 Re1 Bb2 Bh7 Sg2 PPa2 b4 d2 d4 f3 f4 f7, # 3, 1.Sd3! - 2.Bxf4, 1 ... Rxd3, Bxd3 2.Qc2, Qxf3, 1 ... Re4 2.Se5. The threat in n.60 is short which is weakness too.

   Another two problems are not included into the award because of technical minuses: n.6 - promoted Be8, n.7 - no answers to the black checks in the initial position 1….Вхс5+, Вхс3+.  

    Here are both awarded compositions:




   Prize – n.74 (Gavrilovski, Macedonia): A rare type of change, where the second moves in one phase becoming mates in the other, enriched with Black correction and Babouchka theme. However, the play is mechanical and the key is not so good.

1...Kxb5 2.Qa5+ A Kc4 3.Qc5# 

1...Kxd5 2.Re5+ B Kc4/Kd6 3.Qxb3/Bc5 C#

     1.Ba7? Be2!

     1.Bc5! C (zz)

1...Kxb5 2.Kc3 ~ 3.Qa5# A

1...Kxd5 2.Qxb3+ Bc4 3.Re5# B

1...B~ 2.Qxb3+ D Kxb5 3.B(x)d3# 

1...Be2 2.Rxe2 (zz) Kxb5/Kxd5 3.Bd3/Qxb3 D #

   Honourable mention – n.43 (Dimitrov, Bulgaria): Pleasant for solving miniature with an active white King. Especially good is variation 1...exd5 2.Kc3! Ke4 3.Qe7# with model mate.

1.Qa3!! [2.Ba8-h1 (3.Qc5#) Kxd4 3.Qc3#, 2.Bxe6/a2 ~ 3.Qe3#]

1…Kxd5 2.Kd3 e5 3.Sf6#, 2…Ke5 3.Qc5#

1…exd5 2.Kc3 Ke4 3.Qe7#

Shatki, 19.01.2013                                       Evgeny Fomichev                            

                                                                   International Judge of the FIDE


Many thanks to Evgeny for his award, which remains open for a 15 days period. Please address claims to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   


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