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Alaikov - 80 MT 2013 (Section B - Fairies) AWARD

alaikov(18.02.2013) Today is 80th Birthday of the bulgarian IGM Venelin Alaikov! In 2012 was announced a memorial tourney to commemorate this anniversary. The tourney was in two sections - Selfmates and Fairies. Total of 41 compositions took a part in both sections and the level is high. Here you can see the Award of Section B (Fairies).

Chameleon-50JT 2012 AWARD

petko petkov   Here is the Award of Chameleon-50JT 2012. The judge of the tourney is IGM Petko Petkov. His article published in Feenschach in 1962 is with a significant role for the definition and development of this fairy piece - the Chameleon!

Awards of composing tourneys from WCCC Kobe 2012

butHere are selected compositions from the WCCC Kobe 2012 Tourneys (Quick Composing, Long Thematic, Vodka, Sake, Tzuika, Wine, Sabra and Champagne Tourneys)

3rd Bulgarian Wine Tourney - WCCC Kobe 2012 - Award

bwtwinnersHere is the award of the 3rd Bulgarian Wine Tourney - WCCC Kobe 2012.

Award of KoBulChess TT 2012

 logo I was very pleased to receive a total of 74 problems by 17 authors from 11 countries for the 1st KoBulChess TT 2012. The level of the tourney is high with so many entries with original and interesting thematic complexes!

Award of 30th TT Chess Composition Microweb 2012


The award of 30th TT CCM was just published. Theme of the tourney was: fairy twomovers (#2 with at least one fairy element present) showing multiple threat in at least one try or solution.

The winners of "Petko Petkov 70 JT" 2012

ppHere are the top three winners on each section of "Petko Petkov - 70JT" 2012 organized by Strate Gems in occasion of the 70th anniversary of GM Petko Petkov who is the World ranking number one and the best Bulgarian chess composer.

Danka Petkova - 90 MT Award

pp   This is the award of "Danka Petkova - 90" MT 2012, which was dedicated to memory of the GM Petko Petkov's mother.

The winners of Wola Gulowska 2011

wg   Here are the winners in each sections of Wola Gulowska 2011 (#2, #3, S#2, S#3-4, H#2) with information about the competition and photos.

Emmanuel Manolas 60 JT 2010


  Emmanuel Manolas 60 JT - 2010


Pongracz - 200 MT 2010


pongranc  Arnold Pongracz 200 MT - 2010

Delia 25 JT Award


deliaDelia Duca 25 JT - 2011

2nd Bulgarian Wine Tourney


wine 2nd Bulgarian Wine Tourney - WCCC Jesi (Italy) 2011

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