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Christmas Blitz JF 2014
jf2014(06.12.2014) Here is the announcement of yet another Christmas Tourney - the Christmas Blitz JF 2014 organized by the Julia's website. There are 20 days term, so don't be late.
Theme: IMITATOR(S) on the board!
a) H#, H=, H== in 2-4 moves
b) Ser-H#, Ser-H=, Ser-H==, Pser-h# till 8 moves
c) HS#, HS=, HS== in 2-4 moves.
Problems with one or more Imitators on the board. Other fairy pieces are not allowed, EXCEPT Chameleon pieces of the classical type S-B-R-Q-S and Royal pieces (from orthodox/Chameleon types).
Colour of pieces: white, black, neutral and half-neutral pieces are allowed.
Other Fairy conditions allowed:
a) No promotions to Imitator
b) Chameleon Chess (type S-B-R-Q-S…)
c) Maximummers, Minimummers and their combinations.

Computer tested problems only! Please mention the program used for testing!

Judge: IGM Petko A. Petkov – International Judge of FIDE.
The Award will be published on Julia’s Fairies website on the 31st of December, 2014.
Prize winners will get a Christmas chocolate and printed Diplomas in January, 2015.



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