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Petko Petkov - 70 JT

Petko     STRATE GEMS is pleased to host a jubilee tourney for our esteemed editor and FIDE Grandmaster, Petko A. Petkov (Birthday on February 27th , 2012).
The tourney will have two sections with a free theme:

1. SELFMATES with free number of moves (without any fairy elements).
2. HELP – SELF MATES (also HS=, HS==, HR#, HR=) in 2,5 or more moves. Here all fairy pieces and conditions are allowed provided the problem can be tested by Popeye.
Judge: Petko A. Petkov.
There will be five book prizes in each section.The results will be published in the April, 2012 issue of Strate Gems.
Send to: Mike Prcic
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Closing date: 1.11.2011


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