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Problem 291: Pierre Tritten - Fairy (Anti Circe Couscous)

tritten(17.12.2013) Wonderful Anti Circe Couscous problem with Zilahi and cyclic change of functions by Pierre Tritten from France.


1.Ra1 Sxa4(Sg8) 2.Kxg8(Kb1) Rb4#

1.Rc1 Rxf4(Rf8) 2.Kxf8(Ka1) Bb2#

1.Sb2 Bxc5(Bh8)+ 2.Kxh8(Kc1) Se2#

Cyclic Zilahi

Cyclic interchange of function between white pieces (sacrifice for BK after capture / passive anticipatory guard / mate)


Anti Circe Couscous: the capturing piece reappears on the Circe rebirth square of the captured unit.


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