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Problem 283: Ivan Soroka - Selfmate

soroka(27.11.2013)  Selfmate in light construction with nice key and two seven moves variations. Welcome to Ivan Soroka from Ukraine!


     1.Sd2!! (zz)

1…Kc3 2.Rc4+ Kd3 3.b8B Ke3 4.Bf4+ Kd3 5.Sf3 Kxc4 6.Qxb3+ Kc5 7.Qc4+ Rxc4#

1Ke3 2.Re4+ Kd3 3.Re5 Kd4 4.Sf3+ Kc4 5.Bxb3+ Kd3 6.Bc4+ Kxc4 7.Qa2+ Rxa2#

[4...Kd3? 5.Rxb3+ Kc4 6.Re3+ Rxa2#, 3...Kc3? 4.Tb3+ Kd4 5.Sf3+ Kc4 6.Re3+ Rxa2#]  

2 nice variations with mate by battery R+B after excellent flight-giving key (Author)


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