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Problem 266 & 267: Alexandr Pankratiev & Alexey Ivunin - Helpmates

pankratievivunin(27.10.2013) Two helpmates with very similar and nice thematic content by Alexandr Pankratiev and Alexey Ivunin from Russia. Which is better - the meredith position in 266 or more strategy effects in 277 - what is the reader's opinion?



266. 1.Kc4 Bxe5+ 2.Rb5 Bb2 3.Rc5 Rd4#  

        1.Ke3 Rxd5 2.Bf4 Rd1 3.Be4 Bd4#

267. a) 1.Kf3 Rxe2 2.Rd4 Bxg5 3.Sf2 Re3#

        b) 1.Kd4 Bxd2 2.Bf3 Rxe6 3.Sc3 Be3#  



+2 #1 Vitaly Medintsev 2013-10-27 20:32
266 is partially anticipated: softdecc.com/.../...
Also compore to softdecc.com/.../...
267 is good enough.
+3 #2 seetharaman 2013-10-28 09:39
I think 266 is fully anticipated and 267 partially. Adding an interference makes 267 somewhat different.
0 #3 Kenneth Solja 2013-10-28 18:28
I think both problems are anticipated and 266 is also self-anticipated.

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