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Problem 214: Alberto Armeni - Fairy (Andernach chess)

armeni(09.07.2013) Fairy problem with four different captures of wPd2 by Alberto Armeni by Italy. I am happy to publish his photo for the first time on this website.


1.Rbxd2=wR Rf2 2.Rxg6=wR Rf5#

1.Rgxd2=wR Rh2 2.Qxh2=wQ Qe5#

1.Bxd2=wB Bg5 2.Sa7 Be7#

1.Sb3 Ke5 2.Sxd2=wS Se4#


Andernach Chess: all pieces change color (and the side) after they capture. The rule does not apply to Kings. A pawn capturing on the 8th rank is 1st promoted, and then changes color. 


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