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Problem 175: Jozef Holubec - Selfmate

holubec(24.04.2013) Typical for the author's style long selfmate by Jozef Holubec from Slovakia.








1.Ka1! Kg1 2.Rb2 Kh1 3.h4 Kg1 4.h5 Kh1 5.h6 Kg1 6.h7 Kh1

7.h8Q+ Kg1 8.Q1d4+ Se3 9.Qh2+ Kf1 10.Qdf4+ Ke1 11.Q4f2+ Kd1

12.Qe2+ Kc1 13.Qe1+ Sd1 14.Rb5 cxb5 15.Qf1 b4 16.Qc4+ Sc3

17.Qhe2 b3 18.Qed3 b2#

The problem is partially computer checked.


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