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Problem 844: Eugene Rosner - Fairy (Extinction chess)
eugene.rosner(10.09.2017) Fairy twomover with very interesting fairy condition - Extinction chess! Super AUW (King included)!
1.d8Q? (2.Qxg5##), 1….h6!
1.d8K? (2.Kb2#), 1…a3!
1.d8S? (2.Sc6#) (Sb7?), 1…axb6!
1.d8R? (2.Rxg4#), 1…Sg2!
1.d8B! (2.Bxg4#)
W1 Super AUW, tested with Popeye 4.67
Full use of W diagram officers in the last 3 phases with mutual guards of g4 and wR guarding a 3rd square(a4) after 1.d8=S, a3.
Extinction: A side is in check if it is threatened to no more have a kind of piece it owned in the diagram position. Promotions to King are allowed.

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