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Problem 837: Petko Petkov - Fairy (SneK Chess Adverse)
petko.petkov(23.06.2017) The Bulgarian top composer GM Petko Petkov demonstrates a rich thematic complex with the opposite version of the SneK Chess fairy condition.
a) 1…c1Q! 2.rQh3! f1R! 3.Qxh6(wKh3)+Qxh6(bQf1)#
(But not  1...c1B? 2.rQh3 f1R 3.Qxh6(wKh3)+? Bxh6(bQf1)+? 4. Kxh4!!)
b) 1…c1B! 2.rQb5f1S! 3.Bxa3(wKb5)+ Bxa3(bBf1)#
(But not  1...c1Q? 2.rQb5 f1S 3.Bxa3(wKb5)+? Qc5+!!
1.Black AUW 
2.Bristol bicolor: wQ -bQ (a) and wB-bB (b)
3.UMNOV -theme after 2.rQh3! f1=R (a) and 2.rQb5! f1=S! (b)
4.Creation and play of Black special "Ecto-batteries": Qc1/Rf1 (a) and Bc1/Sf1 (b).
5.Thematic tries:  1...c1=B? (a) and 1...c1=Q? (b)
6.Model mates!!
This complex is shown for the first time!
SneK Chess Adverse: The pieces are in following order – (Pawn) > King > Knight > Bishop > Rook > Queen. If some piece is captured, the other one of the opposite color which is exactly below it in the rank, transforms into a piece of the same kind as the captured one. In case of option – the capturing side choose which piece will be transformed. When a Pawn is captured – the Royal Piece of the opposite color (if exists) becoming a normal King.


+4 #1 Ganapathi 2017-06-25 05:40
Amongst the other features in this master's problem, while admiring the Snek Adverse effects only, the White's 2.Qb5 in phase2 is simply brilliant!
+3 #2 Mario Parrinello 2017-06-25 14:25
In only 2,5 moves we can admire a complex strategy with full use of this interesting fairy condition. Solely the evergreen AUW, here black, is worthy studying this problem but there is much more: the main and central strategical feature is the creation of two different special ecto-battery after the rQf1 moves. Those batteries is what admire the most. The thematic tries do emphasize the entire play; moreover there are Follow-My-Leader effects, bicolour Bristol and to great finale model mates. An excellent and strategically profound problem!
+1 #3 Diyan Kostadinov 2017-06-27 18:15
By the way - in my opinion the term "Pseudo Bristol" is more correct. Petko Petkov used it himself in one of his articles few years ago for such type Bristol.
But of course this is not so important, the most important is the rich thematic content.

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