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Problem 820: Mike Prcic & Rauf Aliovsadzade - Threemover
mike.prcicrauf.aliovsadzade(12.03.2017) Welcome to Mike Prcic, the editor of the famed US magazine Strate Gems. His joint effort with his co-editor shows mates on the same with excellent dual avoidance.
820: Mike Prcic & Rauf Aliovsadzade (USA)
#3                               (10+9)
1.Qd8! [2.Rd5+ exd5 3.Qd6# (3.Qxd5?)] Bristol
1...Sxd8 2.b4+ Kc6 3.Rd6# 
1...Rxd3 2.Rd5+ Kc4 3.Sd6# (3.b3?)
         2...exd5 3.Qxd5# Changed mate (3.Qd6?)
                             Double dual avoidance.
1...Bxd3 2.Sxe6+ (2.Rd5+?) Kc4 3.b3# (3.Sd6?) 
                    Double dual avoidance.
Bristol-like threat,  three mates on same square with different units, dual avoidance, sacrificial key. (Authors)


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