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Problem 702: Paul Raican - Fairy (Proca Anti Circe)
paul.raican(10.02.2016) This new original by Paul Raican is type Proca, so you should go backward 10 moves to reach the goal - Selfmate in 1 move.
1.Ke1xRd1(>Ke1) Rd2-d1+ 2.Kf2xSf1(>Ke1) Rd1-d2+
3.Ke1-f2 Rd2-d1+ 4.Kf2xRg1 Rd1-d2+ 5.Ke1-f2 Rd2-d1+
6.Kg4xQf3 Qa8-f3+ 7.Kg3-g4 Rh1-g1+ (or g2-g1=R+)
8.Kf2-g3 Rd1-d2+ 9.Ke1-f2 Rd2-d1+ 10.Kd8xSe8(>Ke1) & 1.Kc7+ Ka7#
1.Ke2xBf2->e1? d4-d3+ 2.Ke1-e2 Be3-f2+ 3.Ke1xBf2->e1 Bg1-f2+   
4.Kd2xRc3->e1 Bf2-e3 5.Ke1-d2 Be3-f2 6.Kd3xQe4->e1 Qa8-e4+   
7.Kd2-d3 Bf2-e3+ 8.Ke1-d2 Be3-f2+ 9.Kd8xRe8->e1
& 1.Kd8-c8+ Ka7#?, But Bd8! 
Anti-Circe: Anti-Circe Calvet (the default type): After a capture the capturing piece (Ks included) must immediately be removed to its game array square (necessarily vacant, else the capture is illegal). Captures on the rebirth square are allowed. Game array squares are determined as in Circe.

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