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Problem 784 to 787: Аleksey Ivunin & Аleksandr Pankratiev - Helpmates
alexey.ivuninaleksandr.pankratiev(27.12.2016) Merry Christmas to all our visitors!! Here is a series of helpmates from the Russian masters showing a variety of themes!
784. Аleksey Ivunin &
Аleksandr Pankratiev (Russia)
H#2         2 Sol.        (6+10)
1.Qc2 Se4 2.fxe4 (S) Sxc2#
1.Qxc3 e4 2.fxe4 (P) Bc5#
785.Аleksey Ivunin &
Аleksandr Pankratiev (Russia)
H#2        2 Sol.        (7+3)
1.Kxd4 Rxb6 2.Kc4 Rb4#
1.Kxe4 Sb5 2.Kd5 Rc7#
786.Аleksey Ivunin &
Аleksandr Pankratiev (Russia)
H#3                               (3+6)
b) Qg4-g6   c) Qg4-d7   d) Bh3-f1
a) 1.Qd4 Re4 2.Bc5 Rxe3 3.Sd6 Be6#
b) 1.Kd6 Rxc4 2.Kc7 Rxc6+ 3.Kd8 Rc8#
c) 1.Bd6 Rh5+ 2.Ke4 Rd5 3.Bf4 Bg2#
d) 1.Ke6 Rxg4 2.Kf7 Bxc4+ 3.Kf8 Rg8#
787.Аleksey Ivunin &
Аleksandr Pankratiev (Russia)
H#3                            (3+13)
b) Pc4-d6   c) Pc4-f6   d) Kc6-f2
a) 1.Rd6 Bh3! 2.Kb5 Bxf5 3.Rb6 Bd7#
b) 1.Qe8 Rh5! 2.Kd7 Rxf5 3.Sac6 Rf7#
c) 1.f4 Rd5 2.Kb7 Bf3 3.Ka8 Rxd8#
d) 1.Rd2 Bh3 2.Qe3 Rxg1 3.Re2 Rxf1#
Nice tempo moves in the first two solutions.  (Seetharaman)

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