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Problem 780: Vitaly Medintsev - Helpmate
vitaly.medintsev(19.12.2016) Another delightful contribution from the Russian master.  He wants to call it his first attempt at 'Organised disharmony', but I see perfect harmony!
780. Vitaly Medintsev (Russia)
H#2          3 Sol.          (9+9)
1.Ra7 Bxe4 2.Rg7 Bb7#
1.Ra6 Sxe4 2.Rf6 Sd6#
1.Ra2 dxe4 2.Rc2 e5#
In two matched solutions with white switchbacks, BRa4 closes BBh8 and BQb8. In two others BRa4 & WPd3 closes BBb1and BBh8 alternatively. (Author) 


+1 #1 Vitaly Medintsev 2016-12-19 10:26
Perhaps this problem relates to a ANI-concept, not Organised disharmony
+1 #2 Seetharaman Kalyan 2016-12-19 12:25
No ANI this... there is perfect unity in the form of three newly formed battery mates. Two pairs of solutions are more closely related. So it is perhaps right to classify as Organised Disharmony.

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