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Problem 777: Krassimir Gandev - Fairy (DabbabaRider, Super Pawn, Berolina Super Pawn, Reverse Pawn)
krassimir.gandev(12.12.2016) A typical for the author fantastic task with 19 promotions which is dedicated to me and my wife. Thank you very much Krassimir!







f7: Royal Berolina Super Pawn
e7: Royal Reverse Pawn
c7: Reverse Pawn,   a4, a6...: Super Pawn
b2, c3...:Berolina Super Pawn,   d8: DabbabaRider
1.RPc7xb8B 2.rRPe7xd8rB 3.Bf8 4.SPa4-a1DR 5.DRa1-a7 6.SPa6-a1DR
7.DRa1-a5 8.BSb2-a1DR 9.DRa1-a3 10.BSc3-a1DR 11.SPc4-c1DR
12.DRc1-c7 13.SPc6-c1DR 14.DRc1-c5 15.BSd2-c1DR 16.DRc1-c3
17.BSe3-c1DR 18.SPe4-e1DR 19.DRe1-e7 20.SPe6-e1DR 21.DRe1-e5
22.BSf2-e1DR 23.DRe1-e3 24.BSg3-e1DR 25.SPg4-g1DR 26.DRg1-g7
27.SPg6-g1DR 28.DRg1-g5 29.BSh2-g1DR 30.BSf4-h2 31.DRg1-g3
32.BSh2-g1DR rBSf7xf8rB==
19 promotions - task! (Author)

Super Pawn: can go as far as they like in the usual directions, when moving or capturing; promotions are normal.

BerolinaSuperPawn: behaves as a Berolina P except that (when moving or capturing) it may go as far as desired along the usual lines, provided that they are clear, e.g. white BSa2xa8=S or white BSc2-h7.

Reverse Pawn: move and captures like an opposite colour pawn.

Dabbaba Rider: line piece 0/2, 2/0 Rider 


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