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Problem 772: Nikolay Dimitrov (+) - Threemover
dimitrov(02.12.2016) The bulgarian maestro Nikolay Dimitrov passed away two years ago, but his problems are still alive! Few years ago when he started to send originals for KoBulChess I had helping him to chek his problems because he can't use a computer because of his weak and ill eyes. After his death I found a threemover by him on my computer, so now finally it can be published! Thank you maestro and Rest in peace!
   1.Qd8? (2.Qd2#), but 1…Kb4!
   1.Qh8!! (zz)
1…bxc5 a 2.Qd8+ Kb4 b 3.Qd2#
1…Kb4 b 2.Qxe5 bxc5 a 3.Qe1# (2…Ka5 3.Qe1/c3#)
Nice key, cycle ab-ba, selfblocks and light construction - Meredith. (Diyan Kostadinov)
Nikolay Dimitrov and Diyan Kostadinov
at Nikolay's home in Varna (Bulgaria) 


+2 #1 Rauf Aliovsadzade 2016-12-02 20:15
A slight change in the position gets rid of the annoying dual:
Ke1 Qh1 Bb5 P:a4 b2 c5
Ka5 P:b3 b6 b7 e5 e6
0 #2 Seetharaman Kalyan 2016-12-10 12:00
Rauf's suggestion.

#3 1.Qh8!
0 #3 Diyan Kostadinov 2016-12-16 19:05
Well, unfortunatelly the author can not share his opinion about it, so probably we should keep the original version. The black moves ab-ba are clear, so the dual in the side sub-variation is not so big weakness in my opinion.

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