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Problem 771: Lubos Kekely - Fairy (Circe, Pressburger King)
lubos.kekely(02.12.2016) Tanagra with Ideal mate by Lubos Kekely.
   1.Kc3 Kg7 2.Kb2 Kf6 3.Kxa2 Ke5
4.Kb1 Kd4 5.a2 Kc3 6.a1Q+(wK=rQ) rQc2#
Quartet. Ideal mate. (Author)
Pressburger King (Super-Transmuting King): King which definitively takes up the nature of the checking piece (and thus loses his royal status).
Circe:Captured units (not Ks) reappear on their game-array squares, of the same colour (pieces), on the file of capture (pawns), or on the capture file’s promotion square (fairy pieces). If the rebirth square is occupied the capture is normal. 

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