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Problem 770: Franz Pachl - Fairy (PWC, Grasshopper, Rose, Bishophopper)
franz.pachl(01.12.2016) A wonderful fairy problem with cyclic play by Franz Pachl.
a) 1.Sxe8(+wGf6) Gh5 2.gxh5(+wGg6) ROf5# [3.Kxf5(+wROe4)??]
b) 1.Sxh1(+wGf2) Gbb5 2.BHxb5(+wGe2) ROe3# [3.Kxe3(+wROe4)??]
c) 1.Rxb1(+wGb4) Geb5 2.cxb5(+wGc6) ROd5# [3.Kxd5(+wROe4)??]
Cyclic change of functions between 3 Grasshoppers and PWC-specific-mates. 
PWC (PlatzWechselCirce): Captured units reappear on the square just vacated by the capturing unit. Pawns appearing on their 1st rank have no moving or checking power until reactivated by being captured again; those appearing on their 8th rank are promoted instantly, at the choice of their own side.
Grasshopper (G): Hops on Q-lines over any one unit (the hurdle) to the next square beyond. Q-hopper would be a more sensible name.
Bishophopper (BH): a G confined to B-lines. 

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