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Problems 651 & 652: Vladimir Pankov - Helpmate
vlamidir.pankov(16.12.2015) Welcome to Vladimir Pankov of Russia. Here are two miniature helpmates by him.
 651. Vladimir Pankov (Russia)            652. Vladimir Pankov (Russia)
  16.12.2015                                              16.12.2015 
651             652
H#5                              (3+3)                    H#5       b) Kh5-h6      (3+3)
1.g6? Kh3 2.g2 Se2 3.g1Q f4 4.Qg5 ?? 5. Qh6 Sg3# 
1.g5! Kh3 2.g2 Ne2 3.g1Q f4 4.Qb6 f5 5.Qh6 Sg3#               
a) 1.h3 Kg3 2.h2 Sh3 3.h1R! Sg5 4.Rh4 Sf7 5.Rg4+ fxg4#
b) 1.g5 Kg2! 2.h3+ Kg3 3.g4 Kf4 4.Kh5 fxg4+ 5.Kh4 Sf3#
651: Logical problem with change of ideal-mate.
652: Change from a) to b) :
                 -black piece in Chumakov Theme;
                  -white piece giving mate.
        Minor promotion, tempo move, active sacrifice of pawns. (Author)

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