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Problem 638: Aleksey Oganesyan - Selfmate

aleksey.oganesyan(09.12.2015) The selfmates serie continue with the Fata Morgana selfmate by Aleksey Oganesyan.









1.Sa5! Ka1 2.Sxc6! dxc6 3.d7 Ka2 4.d8S! Ka1 5.Sxc6! (5.Sb7?)

5…Ka2 6.Sa5 Ka1 7.c6! Ka2 8.Sb3 axb3#

Fata morgana with model mate. The phoenix of white Knight

with switchbacks of promoted Knight “in the footsteps” of sacrificed one.

Compare to pdb/P1296496. (Author)



0 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-12-09 10:46
Nice Phoenix theme! I suppose there are duals after 2...Ka2.
+1 #2 Aleksey Oganesjan 2015-12-09 10:53
After 2...Ka2 there is such short variation: 3.Se5/Sb8 Ka1 4.Sxd7 Ka2 5.c6 Ka1 6.Sc5 Ka2 7.Sb3 axb3#. So, in my opinion, we can ignore the move 2...Ka2 :-)

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