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Problem 612: R.Ganapathi & K. Seetharaman - Fairy (Sentinelles Pion Advers)
ganapathiseetharaman.kalyan(10.10.2015) Our dedication to the memory of Mr. C. K. Ananthanarayanan, the inventor of the popular Fairy condition "Sentinelles". He passed away recently in Bengaluru, India.
612. R. Ganapathi & K. Seetharaman (India)
HS=4.5       2 sol.        (2+2)
Sentinelles Pion Advers
d1: Royal knight

1...b1Q+ 2.rSe3 Qc2 3.rSd5[+bPe3] Qe2[+wPc2] 4.rSc3[+bPd5] Qd1[+wPe2] 5.rSxd1[+bPc3] d4!=

1...b1B 2.rSc3 Bc2 3.rSa2[+bPc3] Bb1[+wPc2]+ 4.rSxc3[+bPa2] a1B + 5.rSxb1[+bPc3] Bb2!=


Promotions, rundlauf, switchback, Tanagra. Tempo finale. (Authors)

HS=  Help self-stalemate: With black's help white reaches a position where he can force =1. In HS 4.5 black begins.

Sentinelles Pion Advers: When a piece (not a Pawn) moves, a Pawn of the colour of the opposite side appears on the vacated square if it is not on the first or the last rank, and if there are less than 8 Pawns of that colour on the board.



+2 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-10-10 17:06
Welcome to our friend and veteran composer Ganapathi. Surprisingly his original is appearing here for the first time!
+2 #2 Shankar Ram 2015-10-11 05:34
Fine tribute to the Sentinels inventor.
Sentinels, as a fairy condition, has morphed beyond it's original definition, into a number of variants.
Though mostly used in combination with other conditions and stipulations(like an Indian spice!), there are still many sentinel specific themes to be explored.
Sad that its inventor does not seem to have been aware, till the time he passed away, of the growing popularity of his brainchild.
+1 #3 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-10-11 06:52
The initial version was:
RwSb1/bPb2. HS=4
Soln: 1.rSc3 b1=B 2.rSb5[+bPc3] Bc2 3.rS*c3[+bPb5] Bb1[+wPc2] 4.rS*b1[+bPc3] b4=
We thought this was good enough to publish but found the better published version, thanks to Popeye!

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