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Problem 610: Branislav Djurasevic - Threemover

branislav.djurasevic(07.10.2015) Nice miniature with model mates by Branislav Djurasevic.













*1...Ke5 2.Qe7# (model mate)

1.Bf4? 1…f5!, 1.Bg5? 1…f6!, 1.Bc5? 1…Ke5!


   1.Bh6! (zz)

1...Ke5 2.Qd5+ Kf6 3.Qd6# (changed model mate)

1...f5 2.Qe8+ Kf6 3.e5# (model mate), 2...Kd6 3.Bf8#

1...f6 2.Qe8+ Kd6 3.Bf8# 





+5 #1 Miodrag Mladenovic 2015-10-07 06:45
Good key and three model mates in problem with 6 piece. Very nice!
+2 #2 Branislav Djurasevic 2015-10-07 11:49
Refutations in tries are variations in the solution. Also, all white pieces give mates.
+5 #3 J?n Golha 2015-10-07 14:27
Please see also:

+2 #4 Branislav Djurasevic 2015-10-08 09:58
I confirm that my problem has serious predecessor (almost identical). In WinChloe database it is recorded at ID=464798. So, my problem could be only improved version of Ryabtsev V. problem. All my friends from Belgrade knew that I was looking forward to compose problem with nice model mate by white pawn. But still there no predecessor for another my problem with same mate by pawn. In Winchloe database it is recorded as 586905, B. Djurasevic, Politika (daily) 2015, white: Ke7,Qc4, Bd3, pg4, Black: Kg5. Mate in 3. Solution: 1.Be2! Kg6 2.Qg8+ Kh5 3.g5#

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