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Problem 570: Seetharaman Kalyan - Helpmate
seetharaman.kalyan(13.04.2015) This was inspired by Zivko's 561. It uses the same mechanism with different effects.





570. Seetharaman Kalyan (India)
H#2.5        2 sol.        (6+8)
1...exf3 2.Qxe8 d8Q 3.Bf5 (f5?) Qxd6#
 1...e3 2.Qxf8 d8S 3.f5 (Bf5?) Rxe6#


Unpins, promotions, capture of white pieces & selfblocks with dual avoidance.


+1 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-04-13 06:04
This can of course be a H#2 twin, but I prefer this.
+3 #2 Juraj Lorinc 2015-04-13 23:13
Quoting Seetharaman Kalyan:
This can of course be a H#2 twin, but I prefer this.

This has instantly reminded me of Abdelaziz Onkoud's lecture from Marianka 2014 - www.youtube.com/.../ - in which he has demonstrated this approach: adding halfmoves to the solutions to remove twins, bad twins or to enrich the content. It is also available in the Marianka bulletin - scribd.com/.../...
+2 #3 Rodolfo Riva 2015-04-14 00:19
Since there is no counterpart to 3.Rxe6# from the wB (3.Bxd6#) I would prefer:

5R2/2BKP2q/2S1pppb/5k2/8/5P2/8/8 (5+7)
H#2 2 solutions
1.Qg8, e8=S (e8=Q?) 2.f5, Rxf6#
1.Qh8, e8=Q (e8=S?) 2.Bf5, Qxe6#
saving 2 units.
+1 #4 Rodolfo Riva 2015-04-14 00:57
I'm sorry, the wR is useless in one solution of my previous version.

8/2K1P2q/2R2ppb/4pk2/R7/3r4/8/8 (4+7)

h#2 2 solutions
1.Qg8, e8=S (e8=Q?) 2.g5. Rxf6#
1.Qh8, e8=Q (e8=S?) 2.Bg5, Qe6#
+1 #5 Nikola Predrag 2015-04-14 03:29
The problem was inspired by Janevski's opening of wR's or wB's line by vacation of the same square with a capture of the respective white piece.

Two mates by the promoted piece are perhaps too similar:
W:Re8,Bf8,Ka7,Pd7,Be6; B:Qe7,Pd6,Pf6,Ke5,Rf4,Sc3
1.Qxf8 d8S 2.Se4 Sc6#
1.Qe8 d8Q 2.Re4 Qd6#

A bizarre Zilahi is possible using a lack of tempo:
W:Rf8,Bg8,Ka7,Pe7,Sg6,Ph4 ,Pd3; B:Qf7,Bh7,Pf6,Ph6,Pd5,Kf5 ,Ph5,Pd4
1.Qe6? e8Q 2.tempo? Bxe6#
1.Qfx8 e8Q! 2.Qb4! Be6#
1...exf8S? 2.tempo? Be6#
1.Qxg8 e8S 2.Kxg6 Rxf6#

But I respect the author's original idea, it's quite nice.
0 #6 Rodolfo Riva 2015-04-14 09:44
I like very much the "bizarre Zilahi". I think it is an independent version of the 561 and deserves a diagram.
My version adds a (not too complex) dual avoidance but amplifies the risk of direct anticipations.
0 #7 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-04-15 14:02
Thanks Juraj, Rodolfo and Nikola for your nice comments and alternative suggestions. Here are the diagrams.

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