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Problem 566: Ladislav Salai jr. - Threemover

ladislav.salai.jr(04.04.2015) Very nice threemover by Ladislav Salai jr.









1...Kd5 2.Be5 ~ 3.Rc5#

    1.Se5! (1...Kd5 tr. 2.Rd7+ Kc5 3.Be7#)

1...b4 2.Sdxc4+ A Kd5 3.dxe4# B

1...Be8 2.Sxe4+ C Kd5 3.dxc4# D

1...Qh4 2.dxe4 B (2.dxc4? Qxf6!) 2...~, Rxd2 3.Sdxc4 A, Rxd2#

1...Qh7 2.dxc4 D (2.dxe4? Qxc7!) 2...~, Rxd2 3.Sxe4 C, Rxd2#.


Reciprocal exchange of 2nd and 3rd white moves and 4x double checks. Antidual. (Author)



+5 #1 Nikola Predrag 2015-04-04 12:40
An amazingly economical mechanism.
The most efficient tool for the realization is the dynamics of flight d5.
It prevents various possibilities of cooks and duals, allowing exactly the thematic variations.
And that flight is even provided by a different play and mate in the set play.
Halfbattery Rd1,Sd2,Pd3 looks as a simple but also a very powerful tool which must be handled carefully to avoid duals.
0 #2 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-04-04 16:32
Unguard of battery line OR unguard of c4/e4 determine which white move should be played first! Excellent mechanism!

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