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Problem 555: Ladislav Salai jr & Michal Dragoun - Fairy (Equihopper, Rook-Lion, Bishop-Lion)
ladislav.salai.jrmichal.dragoun(17.03.2015) New nice fairy original by the famous composers tandem! Direct #4 with interesting fairy effects.
   1.Sb6 [2.Sxe6+ RLxe6 3.RLh7 (~ 4.RLc7#)
4…BLd7/RLxh7 4.Sxd7/Sxa4#]
1…RLb5 2.EQxa6+ BLc3~ 3.EQc4+ BLc3 4.Sxa4#
1…RLd5 2.EQxe6+ BLc3~ 3.EQc4+ BLc3 4.Sd7#
1…RLe5 2.EQxg6+ BLc3~ 3.EQc4+ BLc3 4.Sxe6#
1…BLb4 2.EQxa4+ BLc3~ 3.EQc4+ BLc3 4.Sxa6#
Equihopper (EQ): Moves along any line over another unit of either color to a square situated such that the hurdle stands at the mid-point between the Equihopper’s departure and arrival squares.
Rook-lion (RL): a rookhopper which can move toanysquare beyond the hurdle.
Bishop-lion (BL): a bishophopper which can move toanysquare beyond the hurdle.


+1 #1 Kjell Widlert 2015-03-17 20:59
Four analogous thematic variations with double switchback for annihilation of a bP to eliminate a lion's guard of a mating square. But even more impressive is the partly quiet threat that forces the thematic defences (that provide Ec4 with a necessary hurdle).

Great work!
+1 #2 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-03-18 02:06
It takes a while to see why the black defences work! Once that is seen the rest is neat with annihilation the hurdle to remove the lions's guard and four different mates! Fully deserving the special number 555 !

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