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Problem 549: Evgeni Bourd - Threemover
evgeni.bourd(07.03.2015) Fleck theme in three-move form with nice triple avoidance and change of mates! Happy to see such interesting themes.







549. Evgeni Bourd (Israel)
#3                          (13+10)


1.Qf7! (2.Sc7+ Kxd4 3.Qd5#, 2.Sg5+ Kxd4 3.Sf3#, 2.Sxf4+ Kxd4 3.Qd5#)
1...Rxd4 2.Sg5+ Kxe5 3.Sf3# 
1...Bxd4 2.Sc7+ Kxe5 3.Qe7#     
1...Sxd4 2.Sxf4+ Kxe5 3.Sd3#
(1...dxe6 2.Qb7+ Kxd4 3.Qe4#)
Different kind of Fleck in 3-mover. Black separates the W2 moves while the rest of the play changes. (Author)
There are many four-fold examples also. But, this is a nice one with mates different from the threats! (Seetharaman)


+2 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-03-07 07:09
A talented young man from Israel. See another of his problems cited and discussed here:

+2 #2 Kjell Widlert 2015-03-08 20:21
An interesting and probably original three-move variation on the Fleck theme. In contrast to normal #2 settings, the thematic defences not only separate the white threats - but actually stop them all (by giving e5), while at the same carrying a new weakness (blocking d4) that allows one of the threatening second moves, but with a new continuation! Which can very well be described like the composer does, as threat separation followed by changed continuations.

The wRg3 has just a small part to play: guarding c3 so tha 1...B~ does not defend.
+1 #3 xirdalan 2015-03-09 17:14
Found primarily composed threemover to theme Flek-
Karlsterm, Autor, Mikhail Kastilev, SG-2010.

1. Qh3! [2. Re3+
2. ... Kd4 3. Sc6#
2. ... Qxe3 3. Qxe3#
2. Qf3+
2. ... Bxf3 3. gxf3#
2. Qd3+
2. ... Bxd3 3. cxd3#]

1. ... Rxf5 2. Re3+
2. ... Kd4 3. Sc6#
2. ... Kf4 3. Qg3#
2. ... Qxe3 3. Qxe3#
1. ... b4+ 2. Qd3+
2. ... Bxd3+ 3. cxd3#
1. ... c4 2. Qf3+
2. ... Bxf3 3. gxf3
0 #4 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-03-10 19:25
This problem is now quoted as an example for the oddly named "Fake-fleck" theme for TT no.136 of the SuperProblem.


Evgeni Bourd is the judge of the tourney! Our wishes for the success of the tourney !
0 #5 Evgeni 2015-03-10 20:27
Indeed I sent the suggestion for the tourney once the problem was published. In hindsight the description I gave to this problem is rather terrible. Kjell is very much correct in his observations - there is in reality no separation at all, all the black defenses do defend from all the threats. The fact that the continuations in the solution match the ones in the threat is a "coincidence". I believe the theme is original ( at least for 3 variations ). It is an interesting question whether this is a Fleck at all... but I hope that at least the name of the tourney is catchy :)
0 #6 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-03-12 11:06
For changes in three movers the second move is mostly considered, though there are many themes based on 3rd move mates also. So there IS fleck-type separation in your original and therefore no need to call it Fake! The mates being different from set-play is a good combination and as you suspect, probably new.

Let us await the opinion of the other experts also and for a better name! :-)
+2 #7 Rodolfo Riva 2015-03-14 11:35
Interesting version of the Flex theme (and 9WCCT-theme). In my view the random variations with duals (1....,Qxc2/Rxg3/Sg1/etc.) are not in the spirit of the theme. There is one more dual after 1...., Rxc5 2.Sxc5, Kxd4 3.Sd3/Sxd7#).
You can stop 1....,Rxc5 and the side variations as follows:

3R4/p1K2b2/1pQ4p/3PS37PPpkPBp1/1prP4/2p5/b1s3S1 (11+12)

1.Qf6! (2.Se-f3+/Sxg4+/Sc7, Kxd3 3.Qd4/Sf2/Qd4#)
1....,Sxd3 2.Se-f3+, Kxe4 3.Sd2#
Rxd3 2.Sxg4+, Kxe4 3.Sf2#
cxd3+ 2.Sc6+, Kxe4 3.Qe5#
Kc4 3.Qd4#
A pity the loss of the Karlstrom defence 1...., dxe6.

There is a more economic version but the unprovided 1...., Rxd3 in set play leads quickly to the solution :

3R4/2K2b2/2Q4p/1p1PS3/sPpkPBp1/1prP4/2p5/b1s3S1 (10+12)
unchanged solution.
0 #8 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-03-14 13:21
Thanks Rodolfo Riva for your interest and comments. The diagram notation for the first version needs correction.
0 #9 Rodolfo Riva 2015-03-14 15:18
I apologize. Here is the correction:

3R4/p1K2b2/1pQ4p/3PS3/PPpKPBp1/1prP4/2p5/b1s3S1 (11+12)

There is also a mistake in the solution: I wrote Sc7 instead of Sc6 in the threat.
0 #10 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-03-15 17:30
Thanks Rodolfo Riva. Here is his version in a diagram. Over to Evgeni Bourd!

+1 #11 Evgeni 2015-03-15 21:22
Well ,i tried to take this a little further... I did not like the checking defense as it does not highlight the cyclic avoidance ( the checking defense ruins the impression as white cannot really "try" other moves ). I did not regard the other duals ( such as 1...Qxc2 in the original problem) as important because they do not really defend from the threat. But anyway there is a point in that thought as the theme which is highlighted is Fleck and it does spoil the general impression a little. I worked on the improved mechanism and avoided the check rather easily. Then I noticed an option to add a real Fleck to the problem, without duals or side variations. And finally a real defense is added (1...Bxc5) which makes the problem rather complete. It seems that the position is legal, just barely. Will be happy to make this the official version with Rodolfo Riva as my co-author, if he agrees of course.
Problem in the next comment as this is too long :(
0 #12 Evgeni 2015-03-15 21:22
Solution: 1. Qf6! [2. Sc6+ Kxd3 3. Qd4#
2. Sg4+ Kxd3 3. Sf2#
2. Sef3+ Kxd3 3. Qd4#]

1. ... cxd3 2. Sc6+
2. ... Kc4 3. Ba6#
2. ... Kxe4 3. Qe5#
1. ... Rxd3 2. Sg4+
2. ... Kxe4 3. Sf2#
1. ... Sxd3 2. Sef3+
2. ... Kxe4 3. Sd2#

1. ... Sc6 2. Sxc6+
2. ... Kxd3 3. Qd4#
1. ... Se6 2. Sg4+
2. ... Kxd3 3. Sf2#
1. ... Sf3 2. Sexf3+
2. ... Kxd3 3. Qd4#

1. ... Bxc5 2. Sd7+
2. ... Kxd3 3. Sxc5#
0 #13 Kjell Widlert 2015-03-15 23:15
I agree: the position is just barely legal.
White Ps captured [Pe7] on the e-file and [Pg7] or possibly [Ph7] on the d-file after promotion.
Black Ps captured [Ra1], [Rh1] and [Pa2] after promotion on a8.
0 #14 Rodolfo Riva 2015-03-16 06:20
About the new version by Evgeni (comment #12) :
The Karlstrom defence 1..., Bxc5 is very well found. Even the paradoxical closing of the Bb7 after 2.Sc6+ is nice.
Of course there is an improvement:

6K1/bBp1Qp2/7p/2PPS3/1PpkPB2/1prP4/1qp4s/2s3S1 (11+12)
0 #15 Evgeni 2015-03-17 08:49
Why is that an improvement? :)
I think it is not worth saving two pieces compared to the previous version's content.
In the new version the "regular" Fleck is lost -
1. ... Sc6 2. Sxc6+ Kxd3 3. Qd4#
1. ... Se6 2. Sg4+ Kxd3 3. Sf2#
1. ... Sf3 2. Sexf3+ Kxd3 3. Qd4#

I think having both triple Fleck variations is a very valuable addition. One triplet defends from the threats but allows new continuations while the second triplet just separates while keeping the continuations from the threat. It magnifies the differences between the new and the old set.
+1 #16 Rodolfo Riva 2015-03-17 10:22
Hello Evgeni! In my view the repetitions after 1....,Sc6/Se6/Sf3 are boring and useless. They are not natural since they require superfluous units and above are rough because of the captures 1...,Sc6/Sf3 2.Sxc6/Sxf3. A 3fold traditional Fleck is not a great achievement because there are 5fold and 6fold examples of it, so it is not a big loss.
The strategic Fleck with change of mates
is much more interesting (and difficult to do) than a mechanical (arid) Fleck without change.
But since you are the author of the Problem549, not the casual restorer, you can publish your preferred version with your name and without reference to my suggestions.
+1 #17 Rodolfo Riva 2015-03-17 10:37
About the name of the theme we don't have so much choice. I found a previous example of strategic Fleck by ... Ferenc Fleck (!), Freie Presse, 1991 :

2s5/p4B1b/1b6/1S1P2P1/Rsp1P1QP/PSpkp3/2p5/2B2K2 (12+10)

1.Bh5! (2.Qe6/Qf4/Qg2, ... 3.Be2#)

1...., Sxd5 2.Qe6, Sf4 3.Qxc4#
Sc6 2.Qf4, Sd4 3.Qxe3#
Sa2 2.Qg2, Sxc1 3.Sxc1#

1...., cxb3/Bf5/Bg6 2.Rxb4/Qxf5/Bxf5
0 #18 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-03-18 02:18
About the name of the theme we don't have so much choice

Strategic Fleck seems a good name. The other option is 'Pseudo Fleck'.

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