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Problem 546: Zivko Janevski - Helpmate
zivko.janevski(03.03.2015) The pinline is similar to Problem 483 - BK, BQ and WR. But now Zivko shows the spectacular task of four pinmates with BQ on four different squares on the pinline!
546. Zivko Janevski (Macedonia)
H#2        4 sol        (8+10)
  1.b4 axb4 2.Qe5 e4#
        1.Kc5 Kc3 2.Qd5 exd4#
 1.Ke5 f4+ 2.Kf5 g4#
 1.Qf5 e4+ 2.Ke5 f4#
Difficult Task of fourfold prolonged self-pin of BQ and four pin-mates with BK on different squares (c5. f5, d5, e5) on the same pin-line! Changed functions of the white moves (f4 & e4) and triple unpin of WPe3.  (Author)
Of Course, the BQ is also on four different squares (Seetharaman)


+1 #1 Diyan Kostadinov 2015-03-07 15:07
A wonderful task with 4 echo pin-mates!

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