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Problem 524: Ralf Kraetschmer - Fairy (Anti Circe)
ralf.kraetschmer(07.02.2015) Series Selfmate with Excelsior and Valladao by Ralf Kraetschmer.
1.Ka6 2.Kb5 3.Ka4 4.Kxa3(Ka3-e1) 5.a4 6.a5 7.a6 8.a7 9.axb8R(Rb8-a1)
10.Ra8 11.Rxd8(wRd8-a1) 12.0-0-0 13.d4+ cxd3 e.p.(bPd3-d7)#
Excelsior and Valladao = Keym-task (Author)
Anti Circe: After a capture the capturing piece (Ks included) must immediately be removed to its game array square (necessarily vacant, else the capture is illegal). R, B & S go to the square of the same colour as the capture; Ps stay on the file of capture; fairy pieces go to the promotion square of the file of capture.


0 #1 Aleksey Oganesjan 2015-02-10 09:47
As far as I know, Keym-task = Excelsior + Valladao + AUW
("Die Schwalbe", 198 TT, February 2006, No 217)
0 #2 Ralf Kraetschmer 2015-02-10 16:50
You are right
Keym-task = Excelsior + Valladao + AUW
I was wrong!

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