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Problem 523: Zoran Gavrilovski - Fairy
gavrilovski(06.02.2015) Help-Selfmate by Zoran Gavrilovski with rich thematic content - Klasinc theme, reciprocal change of functions and creation of batteries.
a) 1.Kf4 Bxf3 2.Bg4! Rf1 3.K(f)f5 Kd7 4.Kf6+ Bxg4#
b) 1.Kg4 Rc4+ 2.Rf4! Bb3 3.K(g)f5 Kf8 4.Ke6+ Rxf4#
Klasinc theme (the white King returns to f5 after allowing a white line piece to pass through this square) with white Indian creation and reciprocal play on e4 and f4 in W1 and W2 moves, black battery creation, arrival of the bK on squares vacated by the thematic white pieces, wK-battery play in W4 moves and battery mates. Reciprocal change of functions of wB/wR and bB/bR. 


0 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2015-02-13 06:08
Adding Klasinc theme to the creation of reciprocal batteries is ingenious. Very good problem!
+1 #2 Juraj Lorinc 2015-02-16 14:42
I like the content a lot. I wonder whether it could be possible, in the given scheme, to get rid of bRg8 that is only blocking g8 in the b) position. Then it would be great.

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