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Problem 512: James Quah - Fairy (Quintessence)
james.quah(27.01.2015) The author wrote: "I had a look at the article on the Leibovici interference, and felt inspired to combine it with the Gamage unpin."
e3,g4: Quintessence
    1.Bd2! (2.Ra5#)
1...QNb4 2.Qa1# (2...Qa3?/QNa2?/QNxa1?)
1...QNd5 2.Qf1# (2...Qd3?/QNe2?)
1...Qb6+ 2.Qxb6#
The line-pinned black quintessence interferes with the black queen. White mates by unpinning the black queen (Gamage unpin), and the black quintessence cannot stop the mate as it is pinned.
Quintessence: A rider that makes knight moves, changing direction in a 90 degrees zigzag route (movement: a1-b3-d2-e4-g3-h5).

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