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Problem 503: Sebastien Luce - Fairy (Imitator)
sebastien.luce(18.01.2015) Nice symbolic fairy original with Imitators which shows the letter “K” on the diagram and is dedicated to Maryan Kerhuel, Diyan Kostadinov and KoBulChess. Thank you Sebastien!
1.e5(Ic6,If6,If2) Kb3(Ib6,Ie6,Ie2) 2.Kc6(Ia7,Id7,Id3) Kb4(Ia8,Id8,Id4)
3.Kd5(Ib7,Ie7,Ie3)+ Kxc5(Ic8,If8,If4)#
1.c4(Ic6,If6,If2) Kb4(Ib7,Ie7,Ie3) 2.e5(Ib6,Ie6,Ie2) Kb5(Ib7,Ie7,Ie3)
3.Kd4(Ib6,Ie6,Ie2) Kxc4(Ic5,If5,If1)#
Echo mates (Author)
Imitator: A unit which must exactly imitate every move in length & direction, otherwise the move is illegal.

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