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Problem 499: Vaclav Kotesovec - Fairy (Grasshopper, Kangaroo)
vaclav.kotesovec(11.01.2015) Vaclav Kotesovec continues to give us pleasure with his nice moremover and multi-solutions fairy problems!
   1.Ke1 Gd1 2.Kd2 Kf3 3.Kd3 Gd4 4.KAb2 Gd2 5.Kc2 Kg2
6.KAe2 Gf2 7.Kd1 Gh2 8.Ke1 Kh1 9.Kf1 Gd2=
   1.Kc2 Kf3 2.Kd3 Kg2 3.Ke4 Gf3 4.Kf5 Gg3 5.KAg1 Gf6
6.KAg4 Gg1 7.Kg5 Kh2+ 8.Kh4 Kh1 9.Kh3 Gg5=
   1.Ke2 Ke5 2.Kf3 Gg3 3.Kg4 Kf6 4.KAg2 Gf3 5.KAg5 Kg7
6.Kh5 Gg6 7.Kh4 Gg8 8.Kh5 Kh8 9.Kh6 Gg4=
Grasshopper (G):Hops on Q-lines over any one unit (the hurdle) to the next square beyond.
Kangaroo (KA): As G but requiring 2 (not necessarily adjacent) hurdles on the same line, and landing on the square immediately beyond the second hurdle.

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