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Problem 366: Krassimir Gandev - Fairy (Andernach Kangaroo, Lion)

gandev(20.03.2014) Fairy miniature by Krassimir Gandev with three Chameleon echo mates and the author’s favorite fairy piece – the Andernach piece. This time it is Andernach Kangaroo.



1.Kd5 Lia5 2.Rc3 Lie1 3.Rhd3 AKAe3(wRc3,wRd3)#

1.Ke5 Lib5 2.Rd3 Lif1 3.Rhe3 AKAf3(wRd3,wRe3)#

1.Kf5 Lic5 2.Re3 Lig1 3.Rhf3 AKAg3(wRe3,wRf3)#

Lion: hops on Queen lines over any unit (the hurdle) to any square beyond the hurdle.

Andernach Kangaroo: As an Andernach Grashopper but requiring 2 (not necessarily adjacent) hurdles on the same line, and landing on the square immediately beyond the second hurdle, changing colour of the pieces it jumps over (except the Kings and the neutral pieces).


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