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Problem 361: Mario Parrinello - Fairy (KoBul Kings, Locust, Sirene)

mario(14.03.2014) Nice fairy original with Locust, Sirene and KoBul Kings effects and ODT by Mario Parrinello.


  1.SIb5 LOxb5-c6(wK=rSI)+ 2.Sxc6(bK=rLO) Qb7 (Qc3?)

3.SIRd6+ Qxc6(rSI=rS)#

  1.SIb4 LOxb4-c4(wK=SI)+ 2.Sxc4(bK=rLO) Qc3 (Qc7?)

3.SIRd5+ Qxc4(rSI=rS)#

KoBul Kings: when a piece (not a pawn) of his own side is captured, a King transforms into a Royal piece of the same type as the captured one. When the King is in the form of any Royal piece and there is a capture of one of the pawns of his own side, he becomes a normal King again. 

Locust: a piece which moves only to capture. It lands on the same squares as a grasshopper, but the arrival square must be empty, because the locust captures its hurdle.

Sirene: move as Queen, but capture by hopping over and removing an adverse unit, landing on the next (necessarily empty) square.



+2 #1 Kjell Widlert 2014-03-14 09:03
A lovely idea, very economically set:
A white Royal Sirene checks the poor Locust which has nothing to capture and nowhere to go - so Black's only answer is to Kobul-transform the Sirene into something else, by capturing the wS ... thereby mating the new Royal S.

I love the tries 2. - Qc3? ... 4.Qf6! and 2. - Qc7? ... 4.Qf7, respectively.

The only thing between this and perfection is the bPg5, which stops bQ duals on the g file and also stops a cook with wKd5 bKf5 wSIg5 and Qe5#, but also unnecessarily guards f4. This guard could be avoided by making it a WP (and rotating by 180 degrees), but one of the mates would not be a model anyway.
+1 #2 Vidadi Zamanov 2014-03-14 22:08
Good problem.
+1 #3 seetharaman 2014-03-15 11:38
Very nice problem with the excellent dual avoidance play of the black queen. Work of a master !
0 #4 Nikola Predrag 2014-03-16 03:29
I've sent a comment on Friday, is it lost? I don't have a copy :cry:
0 #5 Diyan Kostadinov 2014-03-16 18:11
Sorry Nikola, last few weeks I fighting with many spammers and it is possible your comment to had been deleted by mistake...
0 #6 Nikola Predrag 2014-03-17 00:59
OK, I'll try to recall the points which were not mentioned in the meantime.

The tries show a very interesting OD transformation.
2...Qc3+? 3.rSId6+ Qf6!
2...Qc7+? 3.rSId5+ Qf7!
bQ must depart from diagonal a1-h8 and respectively, from orthogonal a7-h7 to avoid parrying the checks by interfering on orthogonal d6-f6 and respectively, on diagonal d5-f7.
So, because of O/D refutations, D/O moves from the tries must be transformed into O/D moves in the solutions.

Virtual play beautifuly enriches the ODT content and reveals the depth of an apparently simple construction.

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