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Problem 345: Anatoly Stepochkin - Fairy (Nightrider, Lion)

anatoly stepochkin(17.02.2014) Nice fairy miniature with two castlings, promotions, creation of anti-batteries and ODT by Anatoly Stepochkin.


a) 1.Rd8 exd8N 2.0-0 Nh6#

b) 1.Rf8 exf8S 2.0-0-0 Sd7#


Lionhops on Queen lines over any unit (the hurdle) to any square beyond the hurdle.

Nightrider: a rider moving along any straight line of S moves.



+2 #1 Nikola Predrag 2014-02-17 00:30
This is beautiful and even more beauty is in the change in the apparent ODT. Indirect (a) and direct (b) antibattery show the changed functions of wP/wLi, check/flightguard.

(wKg6, wLib3 and bNc7 would achieve a (virtual) purity in b).)
+1 #2 seetharaman 2014-02-17 10:46
Delightful mates! T.R.Dawson would have loved it (using two of his favorite inventions). Can a fairy problem be more traditional ? :)

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