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Problem 331: Kenneth Solja - Fairy (Andernach Grasshopper)

solja(02.02.2014) Fairy original with only black pieces on the board by Kenneth Solja.


     1.AGh3(wAGg3) AGd6(wBe5) 2.Kf3 Bg3 3.Kg2 AGxh2(bBg3)

4.Kh1 AGh4(wAGh3) 5.AGg2(wBg3) Bh2#

     1.AGf4(wAGg3) AGb3(wAGc3) 2.Kf5 AGf6(wBe5) 3.Kg5 AGf3(wAGf4)

4.AGg4 AGf2(bAGf3) 5.Kh4 AGg3(wAGf3)#

     Idealmates (Author)

     Andernach Grasshopper (AG): Like a normal Grasshopper (moves along Queen-lines over another unit of either colour to the square immediately beyond that unit) but it changes colour of the piece it jumps over (except the Kings and the neutral pieces).


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