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Problem 308: Vaclav Kotesovec - Fairy (Grasshopper, Kangaroo, Camel)

vaclav(06.01.2014) Series Helpmate with three long and interesting solutions ending with model mates by Vaclav Kotesovec from Czech republic.


1.Gd4 2.Gd1 3.Kc1 4.KAb1 5.Kc2 6.Gb3 7.Kc3 8.Gb2 9.Kb4 10.Ka4 11.Gb4 12.KAb5 13.KAa5 14.KAa6 15.KAa3 CAb1#

1.Kc3 2.Gb2 3.Kb4 4.Kb5 5.Gb6 6.Ga6 7.Gc6 8.KAb7 9.Ga4 10.Ka6 11.Ga7 12.Gc5 13.KAb5 14.Ga5 15.KAa7 CAb3#

1.KAf2 2.Ke3 3.Kf4 4.Kg5 5.Kg6 6.Gh6 7.Kh5 8.KAh7 9.Kg6 10.Gf6 11.Kf7 12.Kg8 13.KAf7 14.KAf8 15.Gh8 CAf5#

Camel: a (1,3/3,1) leaper, e.g. CAa1>b4 or CAa1>d2.

Grasshopper: Hops on Q-lines over any one unit (the hurdle) to the next square beyond. 

Kangaroo (KA): As G but requiring 2 (not necessarily adjacent) hurdles on the same line, and landing on the square immediately beyond the second hurdle.


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