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Problem 302. Janos Mikitovics - Fairy (Swapping Kings, Koko, Nightrider, Rook Locust)

mikitovicsng2(01.01.2014) Here is the first Original for 2014! Thank you Janos! You can see also photos of my city - Burgas at night (31.12.2013-01.01.2014)



      I. 1...Bf6(Ke8<=>Ke5) 2.Nf4 Bd8 3.Ne2 fxe2 4.Kd7 e1N

5.Ke6 Ng2(Ke5<=>Ke6) 6.Kf5 Kf6 7.f3 Ne3(Kf6<=>Kf5) #

      II. 1...Bxf2 2.Ke6 Bc5 3.Ne3 f2 4.Ng2 f1N 5.Nc4(Ke8<=>Ke6) Bb4

6.Na3 Bd6 7.Nc7(Ke6<=>Ke8)+ Nxc7(Ke8<=>Ke6)#

      III. 1...Bg3(Ke8<=>Ke5) 2.fxg3 Kd4 3.Nf4 f2 4.g4 Ke4 5.Ne2 f1R

6.Ke7 Re1 7.Ng3 Kf5(Kf5<=>Ke7)#

Swapping Kings: When the side on-move checks the opposite King, the Kings change places.

This is known as the “swap”. A swap is mandatory. The legality of any checking move is evaluated after the swap, except in certain cases involving castling. Castling out-of–check is illegal (wKe1 wRh1 bKe8 bBa5, 1.0-0??). Castling through check is illegal (wKe1 wRh1 bKf8 bBa5, 1.0-0??). Castling into-check is legal (WKe1 WRh1 BKf8 BBa7, 1.0-0!) A King swapped back to its game-array square is considered “reborn” and is eligible to castle.

Koko Chess (Contact Chess): a move is legal only if the arrival square is adjacent to any piece, this applies also to the capture of king.

Nightrider: a rider moving along any straight line of S moves.

Rook Locust: a piece which moves only to capture on Rook lines. After the capture it lands on the next square. 

Burgas (Bulgaria) on 31.12.2013 - 01.01.2014

ng1  ng2








+1 #1 Janos Mikitovics 2014-01-01 08:37
Thank you so much, Diyan!
I wish you, your beautiful city Burgas, all authors and readers of this site happiness, prosperity and successes in The New Year 2014!

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