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A new version (2.3) of the app for smartphones ChessComposer and freeware version for everyone!

logo(29.12.2013) The new version of the chess composition app for smartphones with Android OS - ChessComposer v2.3 is here! See the new features and also the freeware version which can be downloaded and used from everybody for free!





The main view of the app


The features from the first version of the app was:

- you can compose new problems including the ones with specially added fairy pieces

- you can use neutral pieces

- you can rotate a piece and rotate the whole diagram

- you can move all pieces to the left, to the right, up and down

- you can set a fence on an empty square

- you can set a fence on a piece

- you can set a crown for Royal piece

- you can delete either a piece or all pieces

- you can save the position

- you can load a position and continue work on it

- you can save an image with diagram of your problem including text above and under it

- you can create your own database with chess problems

- you can share your chess problems via email, mms, viber, skype, facebook etc.

The included new features in this version are:


- you can change colors of the board
- you can resize the text when you save diagram
- new fairy symbol is included - pieces and squares can be fenced also with a circle
- the buttons under the diagram now automatic resizes to use whole screen zone
- the diagram on the screen and in the saved file is now fenced
- you can resize the board manualy if it is needed 
- a side menu is included - there will be the new functions planned for version 3.0
- all founded bugs were fixed


ccom2  ccom3  ccom4

You can choose the colors of the board

ccom5  ccom7  ccom8

New menu and new features

ccom92        ccom93

You can save diagram only or to include text


You can download freeware light version of the app (which is with some limited features, but still very useful) from the following link: http://kobulchess.com/freeware.apk

The full version with all features (recommended) cost 10 EUR and you can purchase it from the "Buy Now" button on the left side of the website. Please fill also your name and email there. You will receive the installation file via email. 

The planned features for the new release 3.0 will include a solving option! This will be possible because the app will be prepared as a Popeye shell and will generate Popeye Input file which can be used for connection with the program on your computer or via internet connection.

We thank Thomas Maeder for his possitive answer to our request for that!

If you have any questions please email me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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