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Pope John Paul II - a chess composer?

johnpaul(19.03.2013) Today was the new Pope Francis inauguration as the new leader of the world's 1.2 billion Roman Catholics. But  this article is dedicated to one of his predecessors - the famous Pope John Paul II (18 May 1920 – 2 April 2005) and the beliefs that he was also a chess composer! His real name is Karol Jozef Wojtyla. Here are two of "his" problems.





1) 1.Bb5! (zz), 1…Kxb5 2.Sb6#, 1…Kd6 2.Sd3#, 1…Kd4 2.Sc6#

White batteries play, miniature, position aristocrat.

2) 1.c8S! (zz) 1…Ka3 2.Sb6 (zz) 2...axb6 3.axb6# 

Zugzwang play and battery mate after minor promotion key.

Thanks to the romanian chess composer Vlaicu Crisan and THE ARTICLE which he present to us (see the comments), we can see that most probably the problems are with another authors and was published years ago just with some kind of sense of humor...





+2 #1 seetharaman 2013-03-20 10:14
Surprised by the unity and nice battery mates of Problem No.1. Now that he is retired, perhaps he can devote some time for chess problems :-)
+2 #2 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-03-20 21:33
Actually he will be not able to do it, because he passed away on 02.04.2005... He was the predecessor of the last Pope - Benedict XVI who was retired a month ago.
+2 #3 Vlaicu Crisan 2013-03-22 07:37
Well, the full history of Pope's chess compositions can be read here:


That also explains why the name Karol Wojtyla does not appear in Chess Composers blog.
+2 #4 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-03-22 14:57
Thank you Vlaicu! The story is very interesting. Unfortunatelly it's look that we didn't have a Pope in our community yet... These kind of stories are usually mystical and difficult to be proven, so some people just prefere to believe :)

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