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Chris Feather

      feather    Christopher's biography is shown here as I have received from him:

          Chris Feather (*24/03/1947)

         Having studied Romance and Germanic languages at Cambridge and London universities, I worked in education, mainly teaching French, until my retirement in 1996.

My wife is a historian (now retired too) and our son works in local government. We have two grandsons. Apart from chess my preoccupations include music, literature and good food and wine.

I have composed nearly 3000 chess problems (although some are unpublished), of which almost all feature help-play. My first fairy problem was published in 1969 but for many years I concentrated on orthodox helpmates. In recent years however I have composed more and more unorthodox problems. As a composer I like paradoxical and amusing ideas and I especially admire the work of Bakcsi. For me the attraction of chess composition lies in the process itself; I am not interested in prizes or titles. For that reason most of my best problems have appeared in my own little publications Moultings, Hatchings, Scrapings, Broodings and the present series Fairings.

Starting in 1975 with The British Chess Magazine I have edited columns in various magazines, notably The Problemist and currently Orbit. It is hard to count the numerous articles which I have written, but the most substantial ones have appeared in Orbit and Die Schwalbe. My book about helpmates (Black to Play/Schwarz am Zug) was published in 1994 by Friedrich Chlubna, Vienna, but it has long been out of print. More recently (2010) the library of the magazine Orbit (editor Zivko Janevski) published Chris J. Feather – Selected Helpmates, including a more detailed biography; this book is still available. However none of the 6 problems quoted here appeared in it.



+4 #1 seetharaman 2011-10-30 19:40
Excellent problems. Problem 6 deserves careful study. It has rich dual avoidance play on W1 and B2. The depth of the ideas shown in this short problem is really amazing !!

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