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Problem 799: Krassimir Gandev - Fairy (Grasshopper-2, Dabbaba)
krassimir.gandev(31.12.2016) Here is the last original for 2016! Krassimir Gandev adds new two solutions to the classic problem to create a Super Forsberg twins.
Problem 798: Valery Kopyl & Gennady Koziura - Selfmate
valery.kopylgennadi.koziura(31.12.2016) I received this selfmate few minutes ago. Thank you Valery and Gennady for this last minute entry which I am happy that it will take a part into the 2016 tourney. Hope to receive new originals for 2017 soon too.
Problem 797: S. K. Balasubramanian - Helpmate
balasubramanian(31.12.2016) To end the year 2016, a nice helpmate minimal from the Indian maestro Bala!
Problem 776.1.: Gennady Koziura - Selfmate
gennady.koziura(31.12.2016) Gennady Koziura improves his selfmate 776.
Problem 796: Alexander Shpakovsky (Russia) - Threemover
alexander.shpakovsky(31.12.2016) Welcome to Alexander Shpakovsky! His nice Threemover shows  the themes Urania, changed mates and change of function of white moves!
Problem 795: Paul Raican - Fairy (Einstein chess)
paul.raican(31.12.2016) A Fairy Proof Game with Einstein chess by Paul Raican.
Problem 794: Mikhail Mishko & Sergey Borodavkin - Selfmate
mikhail.mishkosergey.borodavkin(31.12.2016) Nice Selfmate moremover. Welcome to Sergey Borodavkin!
Problem 793: Igor Agapov - Threemover
igor.agapov(31.12.2016) Nice threemover miniature with AUW on the same square by Igor Agapov.
Problem 792: Seetharaman Kalyan - Twomover
seetharaman.kalyan(30.12.2016) In my traditional two-mover much happens on f6!  Is it a task?
Problem 791: Pavel Murashev - Twomover
pavel.murashev(30.12.2016) Pavel Murashev modifies one of his earlier problems to add Cyclic Pseudo-Le-grand, Dombrovskis effect etc..!
Problem 751.1: Vitaly Medintsev & Miodrag Mladenovic - helpmate
vitaly.medintsevmiodrag(30.12.2016) Happy to publish the new improved version of Problem 751 (with longer wig-wag maneuver) suggested by Miodrag!
Problem 758.1: Zivko Janevski & Fadil Abdurahmanovic - Helpmate
zivko.janevskifadil.abdurahmanovic(29.12.2016) Fadil Abdurahmanovic joins Zivko to add a fourth pinmate to the already published original No.758.! An instructive example to new composers. 
Problem 757.1: Ladislav Salai jr., Emil Klemanic, Ladislav Packa, Michal Dragoun & Miodrag Mladenovic - Helpmate
(29.12.2016) Miodrag Mladenovic joins the authors of Problem 757 as the contributor of this new improved version!
Problem 749.1: Abdelaziz Onkoud & Nebojsa Joksimovic - Helpmate
abdelaziz.onkoud2nebojsa.joksimovic(29.12.2016) The Serbian expert joins Abdelaziz for this version of the already published problem 749.
Problem 789: Alexander Fica & Zoltan Labai - Threemover
ficalabai(28.12.2016) The Czechy and Slovakian pair presents a traditional Model mate threemover with added theme of black obstruction! Can it survive?
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