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Problem 958: Francesco Simoni - Helpmate
francesco.simoni(29.12.2018) A nice helpmate from Francesco Simoni. Three solution helpmates have a charm of their own. The unpin selfblock play is especially interesting in 958.
Problem 957: Grigory Atayants, Evgeniy Fomichev, Alexandr Sygurov - Threemover
grigory.atajantsevgeny.fomichevalexandr.sygurov(28.12.2018) Threemover with Valladao task by the Russian team.
Problem 956: Arno Tuengler - Fairy (Series S=)
arno.tuengler(28.12.2018) The author said: The longest capture-free series-mover with the stipulation self-stalemate! Can anybody find cooks in this new record? Welcome to Arno Tuengler!
Problem 955: Kenan Velikhanov - Helpmate
kenan.velikhanov.new.docx(28.12.2018) Helpmate with four solutions, King Star and corner to corner play by Kenan Velikhanov.
Problem 954: Anatoly Stepochkin - Fairy (KoBul Kings, KoKo, Princess)
anatoly.stepochkin(28.12.2018) Fairy Miniature by Anatoly Stepochkin with nice combination of KoKo and KoBul Kings with Echo mates by the Royal Princess.
Problem 953: Umut Sayman - Helpmate
(28.12.2018) Welcome to another original from Turkey after a long gap (360). Hope to receive more originals from him in future.
Problem 952: Aleksey Oganesjan - Helpmate
aleksey.oganesjan(28.12.2018) An ANI from the Russian master who believes that the two solutions have an unusual link!
Problem 951: Evgeny Fomichev & Mechislovas Rimkus - Helpmate
evgeny.fomichevmechislovas.rimkus(26.12.2018) Excellent moremover Helpmate miniature with the Klasinc theme and other notable features.
Problem 950: Karol Mlynka - Twomover
karol.mlynka(26.12.2018) Karol Mlynka shows a new combination of changed mates and Radical change! Is there scope for an extra change? 
Problem 949: K. Seetharaman & S. Manikumar - Helpmate
seetharaman.kalyanmanikumar.s(26.12.2018) Insipired and challenged by 934 here is our attempt at doubling of the black and white Bristols without twinning. However, we could not manage a reciprocal Bristol which is probably more difficult to add.
Problem 948: Igor Agapov - Threemover
igor.agapov(25.12.2018) An excellent threemover from the Russian expert showing a doubling of reciprocal white continuation and mate!
Problem 947: Zoran Gavrilovski - Twomover
zoran.gavrilovski(24.12.2018) An excellent original from Zoran Gavrilovski with a combination of Dombrovskis paradox, Barnes theme and Le grand theme!
Info about the last publications for 2018
logo(24.12.2018) In next few days will be published many originals. If you not see your problem published till 27.12.2018, please contact the editor via email as soon as possible and your original will be published very quickly!
Deadline for receiving originals for publication in 2018 is 29.12.2018!
We wish you Happy Holidays and very successful new 2019 year!
Problem 946: Daniel Wirajaya - Twomover
daniel.wirajaya(24.12.2018) Nice Ruklis twomover (with an excellent key) from Wirajaya from the land of the famed Touw Hian Bwee. Can it escape anticipation? 
Problem 945: Gennady Koziura - Helpmate
gennadi.koziura(24.12.2018) An unusual helpmate in old style with two setplays and a single solution. White Grimshaw and battery mates.
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